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AssetWorks and Volaris: Our Roots in Education

For over 30 years, AssetWorks has provided fixed asset and risk management appraisal solutions to school districts across the United States. In 2008, AssetWorks was acquired by Volaris Group and has continued to grow organically and through strategic acquisitions of Education Technology businesses.


Upon joining Volaris, AssetWorks realized that they were not effectively utilizing sales and marketing to position their products in the marketplace. Volaris helped AssetWorks grow their footprint by providing resources and capital to support various marketing initiatives. In addition, AssetWorks gained access to best practice sharing and networking opportunities within Volaris’ portfolio of software businesses. These tools allowed AssetWorks to cultivate an impactful marketing approach that could be used to help other software businesses facing similar challenges. AssetWorks (through Volaris Group) began engaging in M&A activity to help grow software companies that share our mission and passion for Education Technology.

Growth Through Acquisitions

By leveraging AssetWorks’ experience and relationships in the Education industry, Volaris has continued to grow our portfolio of mission-critical EdTech businesses. Our team has established decade-long connections by networking and partnering with buying groups, associations, and other professionals in the industry. Through these long-term relationships, we have built a reputation of delivering quality products and expertise in the EdTech space. In our portfolio, we are proud to say that our solutions collectively serve over 50% of school districts across the United States.

Volaris Group is continuously looking to expand our portfolio of companies who serve the administrative needs of districts in both business and curriculum administration. Post-acquisition, we help organizations make data-driven decisions to achieve their growth goals. Our priority is to help the companies in our group succeed in the marketplace while maintaining the legacy and culture of a small business. With this strategy, we hope to build a long-term footprint in the Education industry.

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